What is Jock Itch?

fungal-treatment-foamWhat is jock itch? This rather uncomfortable condition is actually a fungus, also known as ringworm. It starts out looking like a rash that slowly develops bumps on the outer edge. The bumps may look something like a burn blister, and they itch like crazy. Unlike some rashes, jock itch will spread very quickly if left unattended.

The most common areas in which jock itch appears is between the thighs, your bottom, and of course the groin. Why? Because fungus loves moist, warm spots which makes all these regions a perfect breeding ground. It’s very similar to foot fungus in many ways, and has similar treatment plans.

Men seem more prone to jock itch than women, particularly the athletic type. Nonetheless, anyone of any age can get jock itch. Besides the rash, other common symptoms include itching and pain as well as scaly skin toward the edge of the rash. Sometimes the very axis of the rash turns brownish-red.

What is jock itch? Well, after having jock itch once it’s pretty easy to figure out when you have it again. Nonetheless it doesn’t hurt to see your doctor, particularly if the rash doesn’t allay after using an anti-fungal cream or powder. There are other physical conditions that seem like jock itch, but are not.

There are some other tips for dealing wit jock itch effectively. Always use a clean washcloth and towel when cleaning the area (i.e. put those right into the laundry as they can carry fungus to someone else). If you’re applying an over-the-counter product, follow the directions carefully. In cases where the jock itch does erupt into blisters use warm compresses for comfort but avoid purposefully breaking them as that can lead to scarring.

By the way, it’s very important that you complete the full treatment program recommended by any product or physician. Jock itch can be sneaky. It may seem like its gone and then suddenly it erupts again. By following through on the full period of treatment you lessen the chance of this happening.

Also remember to wear clothing that breaths when you’re going to be working up a sweat. In the equation of ‘what is jock itch’ – the biggest mitigating factors are the lack of air and trapped sweat, both of which gives the ringworm a greater chance to grow.

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