Symptoms of Jock Itch

fungal-treatment-foamWhat exactly are the symptoms of jock itch? Well, itching is certainly among them! Known by the medical term tinea cruris, this nasty fungal infection typically appears on the upper thighs and groins of men, but women can get it too.

There’s a special type of fungus that naturally lives on our bodies, some of which consume dead skin tissue. Combine that with a moist, warm area like the groin and you have a perfect proverbial stew pot from which jock itch can grow and spread. As the term “jock itch” implies, athletes experience this frequently due to sweating without proper air flow to the skin.

That means one of the easiest ways to help yourself prevent jock itch is wearing loose clothing, particularly in humid weather. Other factors in jock itch include diabetes, immune disorders and obesity.

The symptoms of jock itch, besides itching, can include a rash, chafing in the groin or thigh area, flaking, elevated skin at the edge of the rash and boils (not as common, but possible).

Needless to say, once you have jock itch the first line of questioning is how to get RID of it! The good news is that there are many over-the-counter products that you can use in the privacy of your own home that do a pretty good job. If they do NOT show results in the amount of time prescribed on the label, it’s definitely time to consult your physician.

You want to take care of the affected skin. Wash it twice a day with a mild soap and soft cloth. Note to always use a NEW cloth and towel for each washing so you don’t spread the fungus. Similarly be sure to wear clean, loose clothing every day – the more air you provide to the affected skin, the faster it heals. For those who get jock itch from athletic activities, an athletic supporter also helps.

The most common treatment is over-the-counter anti-fungal cream, but we are happy to be able to offer a better alternative.  Our Fungal Treatment Foam is all natural and is cool and soothing when it is applies – it absorbs into the skin right away, leaving no residue.  Our users are reporting faster and better results and really love this product.

No doubt, if you have  Jock Itch, you know it itches, it is uncomfortable and it is embarrassing.  We created our all Natural Fungal Treatment Foam because my husband had a problem and couldn’t find a solution.  He loved it so much, we began to share with our friends and family who also had this problem.  Hubby and all of the others that use it love how the light, natural foam immediately soothes the itching and also resolves the problem. Use it two to four times a day until it is resolved, then use every day or every other day to keep it away. You can read his story about this product here – Fungal Foam Testimonials.

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