Is Jock Itch Contagious?

fungal-treatment-foamIs jock itch contagious? More than likely if you take proper precautions with jock itch you won’t pass it along to another person. The most likely ways that it could spread is by sharing your towels, washcloth or from intimate contact with another person.

The good news is that jock itch is very curable, and can often be taken care of in the privacy of your own home. Some people find it clears up by itself, while in other cases an over-the-counter product might be required.

Jock itch begins as a rash typically on the thighs and groin region. If you scratch it, you can irritate the condition further and potentially get small abscesses. And while the skin in that area of your body may temporarily look differently just after a bout of jock itch the condition very rarely leaves behind any scars or other signs that it occurred.

If we’re asking is jock itch contagious, we also have to consider treatment. The sooner you contain a flare up, the more comfortable you’ll be and the less chance of passing along the condition. Bear in mind that jock itch is fungal in nature. It develop in areas where the skin remains moist and warm. So, one of the simplest and best things that help avoiding jock itch is making sure to keep your groin clean and dry – giving it as much air as possible particularly after exercise or exposure to hot conditions. If that doesn’t work to keep jock itch away, then you may need an antifungal cream. It may take as long as a month to fully clear the condition.

Most of the time when we talk about jock itch we think of men, who are more prone to it. So is jock itch contagious for women too? The answer is yes. A woman can develop jock itch with or without exposure to another person who has it, but sexual contact increases that possibility.

Note, however that there are two common rashes that you can mistake for jock itch very easily. Erythrasma is one in which the edge of the rash will not show signs of blistering or bumps. The other is Intertrigo which cracks much more than jock itch. Neither of these conditions is contagious, but they should be treated. If you are not sure you have jock itch, please see your medical practitioner.

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