Natural Fungal Foam – Before & After Photos and Customer Comments

After more than 10 years of suffering with athlete’s foot, I have to suffer no more!  I work 12 hour shifts at a manufacturer and have to wear steel toe boots.  This makes for a long and miserable day when your feet are on fire and itching from a horrible case of athlete’s foot.  Every year at my yearly physical I would ask my doctor for much needed relief.  To my surprise, every prescription I tried never worked and my suffering continued.  I would soak my feet in salty water as well as tried many prescriptions.  I finally found Natural Fungal Foam and it has literally changed my life.  I used it for 2 days and was pleasantly surprised to see major improvement.  On the third day my feet were clear.  This product is affordable and with just a few applications my feet have stayed clear!  I give this product A+ and have even told my doctor about it!  I recommend this product to anyone and am grateful to have found this life changing product!   JD, GA

From NurseNaturals co-founder Charlie Prochaska:Charlie-Prochaska

I am the CEO and owner of NurseNaturals, with my wife a Registered Nurse, we created Fungal Foam. Here is my testimony why I wanted this product!

I worked as a blue collar worker in the  trucking and in construction industries. Working outside, even sitting in an air-conditioned truck, the sun can make your body sweat in areas where air cannot reach. In these areas of your body (such as your groin, feet, armpits and other covered areas), is where warmth, moisture, sweat, dirt, dead skin, create a yeast like mucous fungus or itching, burning fungus that eat at your skin. In the construction field you have to wear long pants, like blue jeans and steel toe boots in the hot summer days. Winter work is not much better either.

Actually this fungus grows just under the skin layers. This very painful and irritating problem can be embarrassing as you are scratching or trying to hide those times of reaching into your shoes or pants to relieve yourself,  in all places, in public. Believe me, it always occurs at those times.  Please remember if you are sexually active, it can even spread to your partner. Yes this product will help women with yeast infections. My wife would help me at night trying to bring relief and control my fungus on my feet under control by rubbing cream of all brands on my feet. Would you know it, she got my fungus on her elbows and even on other parts of her body. This fungus can get out of control and be a bad issue.

fungal-treatment-foamI bought all those over the counter treatments, creams, powders, and even the sprays, but after a few hours it is as you never put any thing on, to be relieved of the issues of this fungus attack. Much less to help control the actual skin issues. All that money on products that did not ever work for me to control this. After I retired from this field of work, I still had a fungus skin issue and I wanted it control or get rid of this problem, Please!

I also had a very severe case of  yellow toe nails –  to the point of being brown in color.  I had such bad athlete’s foot  my feet would be very dry yet I had areas of little ‘holes” that I would see blood, (skin completely scratched away) , and the dreaded jock itch so bad felt like it was on fire. I do mean a severe case, so I know first hand how bad it can really be. I told my wife once we had our deMistify Natural Acne Treatment Spray and our Natural Soothing Body Spray completed and on the market, there was one issue I wanted to help control the Fungus issues. We both worked on this project for over 1 1/2 years even to the point of frustration even throwing it aside for a few weeks. We just could not figure out how to make it foam since a spray just would not work in certain areas of the body. I know because I tried to using a spray on product before.  After continuing to pursue this idea, we finally have an all natural foaming product that controls this fungus issue. I can say now after continuous use I finally have my fungus issue under control by using our Fungal Treatment Foam. For the best results with using Fungal Foam is to air out those areas of covered skin, for example when you go to bed sleep in very light loose clothes or if you can exposed yourself, after you put some Fungal Foam on those affected fungus area. I also made sure as I dressed for work knowing I would be covered with clothes to use this product.

Since the creation of Fungal Foam, I not only used this product but I wanted to know if it was the real deal so I have a gentleman who had Yellow Toe Nails so bad they were black in color. A couple months later he made a special trip back to our home and told me this was the first product he had to bring his toenails back to being healthy and color was back to normal. He stopped by to show us, as he was on his way to buy another bottle at the local store where are products are sold. By the way I trust this man, since he installed our new office windows.

I wanted to know again, for sure,  if this was the  first product of it kind on the market that will work as we designed it to. So once again I had another subject. This gentleman, a friend and retired Delta Pilot, had a case of Ringworm  – yes a skin fungus. I sent him a bottle and asked for his testimony. Within a few weeks he called me and told me that this was the first product that was making a affected on his skin issue to rid his ringworm issues.

Where was this all natural/organic product when I was in the working field?  Both my wife and I were wanting to offer an alternative product that is not only natural/organic but will work to relieve and control people’s skin issues. We made these products because we are honest hard working people like you are. We created these honest products for you at a price that is honest. It is the first product of it’s kind, ever produced.

Thank you, with sincerity!
Charlie Prochaska