Diabetes and Adult Acne

diabetes-and-adult-acneDid you know that diabetes and adult acne have a connection? Adult acne that appears around your tummy could be a warning sign. You might be pre-diabetic. Females have other symptoms for which to watch – facial hair and irregular periods in particular. If you add a family history of diabetes into this equation – it’s time to see a physician.

Diets high in sugar from things like pasta, cake, soda pop and fruit juices trigger an insulin reaction in your body. Insulin rises to offset the sugar. This, in turn, causes more fat to be stored in your stomach region.

If you think you might have diabetes and adult acne your first step is seeing a doctor to confirm that diagnosis. Until you can actually get to your physician you can do various things for yourself that will HELP. The simplest answer is changing your diet. Drink more water and steer clear of sweet drinks. Avoid starches and pasta. Begin looking at whole grain breads, fresh vegetables, and less fat in all your meats. If you must eat fruit, look to berries for a lower sugar level.

Along with this remember that adult acne doesn’t live outside of other factors in your body. Exercise can be a great helpmate. Take a walk at lunch instead of sitting at a table! Anything you can think of to keep yourself moving helps your body process sugars more effectively. More importantly, if you’re overweight the loss of pounds also decreases your risk of diabetes.

Most often people above the age of fourty experience diabetes and adult acne. You might experience adult boil acne or lesser acne but any breakout that lasts for more than two weeks is a huge warning sign. A boil is like a large pimple – very red and as it grows, it hardens and becomes more painful. These normally drain, but if they do not again it’s time to have some tests done.

So what’s the good news? Both your adult acne and (if applicable) your diabetes are treatable.    However, your first priority is to make sure you do not have diabetes, and if you DO have it – begin whatever protocol your physician provides you with. Focus on that, then worry about the associated acne.

More good news – Our deMistify Acne Treament is all natural and is very effective with Adult Acne.   As you may be aware, diabetics must take extra care of their skin, because elevated blood sugar levels can lead to diminished circulation and delayed skin repair and healing.  Traditional acne treatments are very harsh on the skin.  deMistify is soothing and has natural ingredients that are proven to nourish and strengthen the skin.

soothing-body-spray-150For other diabetic related skin issues, like boils, wounds or sores, our Natural Soothing Body Spray is ideal.  We have had such phenomenal results reported to us – even from people who have had chronic skin issues – this worked with nothing else did.

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