NurseNaturals Fungal Treatment Foam

Natural Fungal Treatment Foam - developed by an RN for her husband's severe athlete's feet.

NurseNaturals Fungal Treatment Foam is a simple, easy compliance product created for the common skin issues of Jock Itch, Yeast Infection, Athlete Feet, Yellow Toe Nails, or Ringworms. Simply pump Fungal Foam on your finger, wipe on affected area, leave on skin and go about your daily life.

This product was created as a natural/organic base which means no chemical or chemical preservatives or parabens, since it will be absorbed into the skin, thus leaving no side effects. We combined a unique blend of natural/organic ingredients to create a foaming affect.  We worked for over a 1 ½ years to blend natural/organic ingredients with unique properties to work with the natural defenses of the skin to combat the fungus. When you apply Fungal Foam it has a sight cooling feel, no burning, or unpleasant application, you won’t even notice any affects.   Just feel the relief from burning, itching going away. Within minutes you will feel better. No one product will ever stop fungus completely, but Fungal Foam will bring the fungus under control.

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