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Olive Oil Skin Care Benefits

Olive Oil Skin Care Benefits

It’s dinner time and you reach for the ever-handy bottle of olive oil that makes your meal taste oh, so good. What you may not know is that olive oil has skin care benefits too! Unlike some other oils, olive oil contains fat types that research shows … [Read More...]


Rosehip Seed Oil Benefits for the Skin

In recent years it seems like dozes of new oils have hit the market ranging from hemp and avocado oil to rosehip seed oil. Each has different health benefits particularly for our skin. If you remember that skin is the largest organ in your body (and … [Read More...]

Skin Benefits of Avocado Oil

Skin Benefits of Avocado Oil

The Avocado is one of nature’s little treasures, but one that a lot of people have not fully explored. It has a ton of health benefits, particularly in skin care products. Oil produced by the avocado fruit is easily applied to your skin (much … [Read More...]

Tips on Body Acne

5 Tips on Body Acne Healing

Due to my commitment to natural treatment, my tips on body acne healing take on the natural approach. These tips will be helpful in treating body acne naturally and encouraging it to heal itself without prescribed drugs or invasive techniques for … [Read More...]


Natural Treatment for Adult Acne

Natural Treatment for Adult Acne is my preference. I can't bear putting chemicals and products with preservatives on my face and hoping for great results. Taking hormone pills and antibiotics also does not set well with me and I prefer not to … [Read More...]


What are Parabens?

What are Parabens? Should I avoid products that contain them? You may have been asking yourself this. If so, you're not alone. More and more health-conscious consumers are avoiding personal care items and foods with parabens. In simplest terms … [Read More...]


Adult Acne Home Treatment

Are You Looking for Adult Acne Home Treatment? Don't be discouraged when adult onset acne starts. It is not necessary for you go through all of the emotional turmoil that you went through in junior high and high school. There is an adult acne … [Read More...]

Natural Skin Care

It seems more and more of us are turning to Natural Skin Care. Many of us are trying to reduce or eliminate our exposure to man-made chemicals. Although many of them have been studied, there are no long term studies that show what happens if you … [Read More...]

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Seven Flower Extract

Sevenths Flower Extract,  blend Japanese/Chinese herbals and puts down BP with no drugs. The extract is helpful to hold BP normal. It will make … [Read More...]

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ORAC Value

An ORAC Value or score is a number that can be used to compare the antioxidant levels in everyday foods. This takes the … [Read More...]

Antioxidant Foods

As we learn more and more about their benefits, many are wondering what are the best Antioxidant Foods? If you are wondering … [Read More...]

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